Working as mathematics teacher educators at the meta-level (to the focus of the teachers on developing their teaching)

  • Laurinda Brown University of Bristol
  • Tracy Helliwell University of Bristol
  • Alf Coles University of Bristol


The professional learning of the authors, three mathematics teacher educators, is illustrated, in relation to 1) differences between being a mathematics teacher and being a mathematics teacher educator 2) the way that novices and experts can learn in the same way through dwelling in the detail of experiences to allow new awarenesses to arise linked to new actions. The theoretical perspectives that inform the discussion are enactivism, meta-communication and relentless consistency. The practices of the three mathematics teacher educators in responding to discussions from their perceptions are at a metalevel to the pre-service teachers and support them in metacommenting about the process of learning to the children in their classrooms. The one-year postgraduate course has served its community of schools for around 30 years in this style with relentless consistency of practices that serve creativity.